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Psoriasis treatments

Read more about Psoriasis in Dr Pillay's article published in Denovo Medica. Click on the photo below to view the full article. 

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Stress affects hair, skin & nails

As the body’s largest organ, the skin often reflects what’s happening inside your body. Stress can cause increased inflammation.  Hair loss, or thinning hair, premature skin aging, Acne, Dermatitis, whilst there is no ‘miracle cure’ for stress.


Stress and Psoriasis

Take control of your mental health and a healthy skin will follow! Stress is a known trigger for Psoriasis flares. Click here to read Dr Pillay's tips on how to manage stress and reduce Psoriasis flares. 

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Video uploads

Dr Pillay chats with eTV, Newz Room Afrika and Heinz Keizer about Psoriasis

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All Videos

All Videos
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World Psoriasis Day 2020

World Psoriasis Day 2020

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Psoriasis - the condition nobody talks about

Psoriasis - the condition nobody talks about

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