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Dermatology & Aesthetics


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Botulinum toxin

  • Muscle-relaxing injectable

  • Wrinkles and Facial shaping

  • Hyperhidrosis (excess sweating) affecting palms, soles and underarm

  • Bruxism and TMJ pain

  • Migraines

Dermal Fillers 

  • Hyaluronic acid - based injectables

  • Instantaneously restores volume loss around the eyes, chin & cheeks 

  • Improve mild to moderate wrinkles

  • Plumps the lips

  • Create a more youthful appearance



Hair / Eyebrow / Beard Filler

  • Administered directly into the scalp

  • Fast tracks the activation of complex peptides in the area of concern

  • Prevents hair loss by increasing blood circulation to the scalp

  • Expands hair follicle size

  • Promotes hair growth and stem cell proliferation

Skinderm Medi Facials

  • At skinderm, we don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’

  • Each of our medi facials is customised to our patient needs

  • Vary from Deep Cleaning treatments to Rejuvenating & Hydrating facials

Medical Peels


A wide range of chemical peels is available.  These are excellent as a maintenance procedure or as an addition to our lasers and other treatments.

  • Brightening peel

  • Clarifying peel

  • Rejuvenating peel

Dermal Needling


  • This treatment is also called Collagen Induction therapy

  • Promotes wound healing

  • Used to treat scars, stretch marks and ageing skin

  • Recommended once a month

  • For optimum results, alternate with chemical peels

Dermatologist at Work

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

  • Performed using a needling device

  • PRP is a substance found in our blood which has been proven to have healing and regenerative benefits on all areas of the body, including the scalp

  • It also contains proteins which promote cell growth

  • Needling PRP into the skin of the body or scalp stimulates your body to grow new, healthy cells and promote healing

Monday - Thursday    8am - 5pm

Fridays  8am  - 4pm

Exilis Radiofrequency Device

  • Used for Fat reduction, Cellulite and Skin tightening

  • Combined with our home care products

  • Treatments administered once weekly

  • Minimum 6 treatments

  • Non-invasive

  • No downtime

  • Pain-free

Laser Hair Reduction

  • An Exilite laser is used 

  • This is an internationally recognised brand

  • All clinical trials were conducted in India, hence it is perfect for the South African market. 

  • Results may be seen after 2 sessions 

  • Results vary

  • Administered every 4-6 weeks

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

  • Used to treat Non-Melanoma skin cancers

Surgical treatments

  • Used to treat Melanoma and Non-Melanoma skin cancers

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