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In addition to standard therapies, the practice offers narrow band UVB, Excimer Light and surgical therapies for vitiligo.


Surgical therapies:


Suction blister grafting: Blisters are raised on the thigh. The blister roof is removed and grafted onto vitiligo areas.


Punch grafting; small pieces of skin are removed from the thigh and grafted onto vitiligo areas


Needling: a needle is inserted along the edge of vitligo areas to encourage the spread of pigmentation within the white spots.

To determine which therapy is right for you, please book a consultation and the options will be discussed with you.


For those that find it difficult to come to the practice, home care phototherapy is availbale. Feel free to discuss the availalbe options.

Vitiligo Society of South Africa

For further information on vitligo, please see


The Vitligo Society of South Africa

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