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Available treatments include all topicals (applied medicines), systemic agents (Methotrexate, Neotigason and Cyclosporine)


PUVA and narrow band UVB


Excimer Light




  • Revellex

  • Humira

  • Enbrel

  • Stelara

  • Cosentyx


A new drug, Tofacitinib is due be become available in South Africa in 2017.


Phototherapy may be used as a first line therapy for extensive psoriasis and requires an average of 21-30 treatments, administered 3 times a week. Success rates compare well with systemic treatments.


All systemic treatments need to be monitored by means of monthly blood tests.


Biologic treatments need to be authorised by the Dermatological Society of South Africa and then by ones medical aid society.

Psoriasis Foundation of South Africa

For more information on Psoriasis and its management, visit

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